Original Design Wood

From Wood Unique Pieces of Italian Art

Skill and excellent craftsmanship, along with the creativity and originality of Italian design, to make top-quality objects and furniture. Manufactured using traditional artisan woodworking and wood art techniques, as passed down by master cabinet makers and upgraded by the use of modern materials and technologies, in an indivisible combination of tradition and innovation, skill and automation, know-how and research.

The production of One-of-a-Kind Pieces conceived, designed and made like works of art.
Objects which express universal concepts such as concreteness, harmony, usability and originality, so as to present the user with an exclusive product, indivisibly tied to the creative mind and technical skill of those who conceived and manufactured them, to the life and culture of those who appreciated and purchased them, for themselves or the home.

Objects able to exceed the contemporary values of standard production, tied exclusively to brand, which though perhaps successful in terms of sales, is emptied of that social energy made up of flair, skill, reality, and therefore immediately falsified, making the object obsolete, expressionless and useless in just a short time.

... wood represents so many things!

A highly noble material which has been part of man’s life from the very beginning..

because wood is a living material, always the same, but always different, which surprises in terms of the uniqueness it expresses.

meaning research and development, without neglecting practical aspects, expressed by the skilful ability of the woodworking art;aesthetic, formal, compositional or structural value to be interpreted from both an emotional and real viewpoint.
Rationality and rigour with creative imagination.

earth, water, air and fire: the four elements around which the origin and use of wood turn and blend together.

wants to be this:
the idea, for a traditional material, in a one-of-a-kind object that remains forever.